Face The DJ is the world's first 'heavy metal hip hop follow-along dance from DJ Peace
Always Be Mine Official Music Video shot in Cebu, Philippines:
Kyle Castellani sings the DJ Peace song: "Do I Have to Say it Again?".

Music for everyone!

DJ Peace, Founder

Mark Peace Thomas created Peaceful Pop Records with the release of ManSmarts: The Music

Syle:  Pop, Rock, R & B, Electronic Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop

Listen to the new Electronic Dance Music children's song by

8-year old songwriters and singing duo:

Super Luke and Matt Thomas

The song is  

Let Your Imagination Fly

Style: Children's Music, Electronic Dance Music, Pop

Single Version released on January 05, 2016.

Extended Version will appear on "World Noise (E.D.M. EP)" 01-15-16

In the meantime, listen to World Noise (Solstice Celebration) written for those who believe in a tolerant world full of love, freedom and peace:

Style is E.D.M.

Other releases:

World Noise (Christmas Peace)  - Vanessa Bryan brings power and strength to new world 'anthem of peace' for the holidays!

Style: E.D.M.

Do I Have to Say it Again? - Kyle Castellani sings this heartfelt rock ballad with exceptional harmonies.

Style: Rock Ballad

Face The DJ - DJ Peace wrote and performs "The world's first hip hop heavy metal follow-along dance"!

Style: Pop / Rock / Hip Hop

Do You Love Me? - DJ Peace KISS Tribute E.P. featuring former KISS guitarist: Bruce Kulick.

Style: Hard Rock / EDM

You Tube Channel:

DJ Peace Show - Music Videos from DJ Peace


DJ Peace - Official site for corporate entertainment / Festivals act.