Music for everyone!

Broadway Star Dana Meller sings "Diva Anthem" written by DJ Peace and Damian Valentine. Here is the official music video from the "ManSmarts: The Music" Album.

DJ Peace is Mark Peace Thomas. Mark was born in Manchester, N.H. and developed a love for music since the age of three years old when his parents shared their Perry Como and Frank Sinatra records. He would later bounce from room-to-room in his house listening to various records ranging from The Carpenters and Beatles (his sister's record collection) to Billy Joel and Electric Light Orchestra (his brother's 8-Track tapes) while collecting hard rock records by KISS, Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne to name a few.

Music gave him a way to dream big in a small town which eventually lead him to the big city of Los Angeles, CA. Mark formed Awesome Entertainment in 1989 and has been a full-time DJ/MC/Event Director ever since.

In 2013, DJ Peace released his first full-length CD: ManSmarts: The Music containing original music he wrote, many with the creativity of producer: Damian Valentine.